Founded in June 2002, The Miracle Providers NorthEast Inc, raises funds to benefit local children and their families infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. We do this by working in partnership with agencies throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Case Manager and Health Care Professionals are working on the “front line” to help families cope with the realities of HIV/AIDS to improve their vital issues; medical care, housing, and advocacy. Little time or resources are available for the “special” things in a Childs life.

Impossible things are happening every day…

Providing miracles…In 2008 we fulfilled the wish lists of over 300 local children, from the simplest requests of a coloring book and crayons, winter jackets and bed linens just to name a few. We also provided needed items for the children when they attend a special summer camp ; back packs, water bottles, flashlights, stationary, sun block and other goodies.
How We Do It…
CABARET SHOWS: The Miracle Providers produce two shows a year, a holiday and a spring cabaret. Dancers, live singers, performers and stage hands. Donate their time and talent to make these shows a success. Last year we raised over $22,000 with all four evening performances

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